Arrow Pharmacy is dedicated to helping physicians and providers help their patients who are suffering from complex or chronic diseases and require specialized therapies and personalized care. Our Arrow staff works directly with yours to assure our patients get the healthcare experience they deserve. We continually provide these direct services:

Medications your patients need
We have access to a wide range of prescription medications, including specialty medications. We offer fast and reliable delivery to patients so patients so there is not a delay of treatment.

Consultation with patients
When a new patient comes to us, we have an initial consultation with them to discuss their specialty medications and treatment plan. We discuss the medication, dosage, and potential side effects. We discuss the importance of adherence and compliance to get the best medication results.

Continual follow-up
We keep regular contact with patients and report any problems or concerns regarding medication therapy. We believe addressing concerns appropriately can prevent serious health implications and work with physicians regularly.

Prior Authorization experts
We participate in most major insurance plans and work with them on a routine basis. We work with physicians’ offices to make sure patients get their medications paid for to the best of our abilities.

Simplified Administration
Arrow Pharmacy offers both electronic billing and reporting. Our billing department uses online capabilities that process prescriptions and include Part D, Medicare B, CT Medicaid, Caremark, and many other insurances.